Your Customers Search the Web on their Phones. Is Your Website Mobile First?

Mobile is Now King. Is Your Website Ready?





Mobile Friendly Sites Rank Higher in Google


Craig May

Your Customers Search the Web on their Phones.  Is Your Website Mobile First?

The switch has happened.  As of 2019, 52% of all internet traffic is on a phone.

Just take a moment and watch people walking down a crowded street.  How many do you see on their phones?  What about at home on the couch?  How many of your family members are looking at their phones, even when the TV is on?  

Your own experience tells the story better than any statistic: mobile is king.

Is your website putting your business in the best position to capitalize on this seismic shift in how almost everyone shops?

Responsive? Mobile First?  What Gives?

Many modern websites are responsive.  That's great!  A responsive website is designed for a desktop computer, but resizes itself to still display on a mobile device.  This can help your website avoid Google's wrath.

But a Mobile First website is different.  As the name implies – mobile first websites are designed for mobile phones.  They look great on a desktop computer, too.  But, they are perfectly designed for your customer's phone.

For a decade, mobile first websites were an afterthought when designer's built a site. But, times have changed.  AND SO HAS GOOGLE!

Google Ranks Mobile First Sites Higher in Search

That's worth repeating: Google ranks mobile first websites higher in their search results.

Why?  Because mobile first websites load faster on mobile devices.  Google is following their customers from their desktops to their phones.  And, they are offering you the opportunity to join the great migration.  A mobile first website can now be the major factor between your company's website appearing on the first page of Google results.  And, when it comes to Google results, the old saying has never been more true: if you're not first, you're last.

Ramp Up Design Builds Mobile First Websites

Ramp Up Design offers you multiple ways to create the best mobile first sites on the web. 

We Build it for You:

Ramp Up Design will build and host your website for a single upfront price and a low monthly fee.  You can launch a professional, mobile first site designed to optimize your Google search results in weeks, not months.  Reach out today to learn more.

Build it Yourself:

Have you built your own company site with Go Daddy, Squarespace or Wix?  Then you can use the Ramp Up Design Mobile First Website Builder to build your site!  

Choose from dozens of pre-built templates, upload your images and add your text.  Need help?  We're a US based company you can call or email with any questions.  And, your website builder comes with tons of online videos and articles to help you get started.

Your customers expect a great online experience.  A poorly built website is no different to a than a broken storefront window or a rude salesperson.  Reach out today and learn how Ramp Up Design can bring your business to the web.


Craig May is the founder of Ramp Up Design, a web design and digital marketing firm serving DFW since 2014.  He helps entrepreneurs and small business owners create fantastic, lightning fast websites that let them compete in their field, market their businesses, get traffic and gain customers.