Mobile First Website Design

The Future of Google Ranking


Your customers search the web on mobile.  Is your website mobile first?




What is Mobile First Indexing?

In a nutshell, mobile first indexing means that one of the largest factors in ranking your website in Google search will now be if it's optimized for mobile devices.  Not just responsive.  Not backwards compatible.  Not "looks pretty good on a phone." 


The Choice is Clear

And We Can Prove it!

When you open a website in Google Chrome, you can test the site's speed index against Google's own metrics. Here's an article explaining how to open Google's auditing tools in Chrome if you want to try this yourself.

Websites are graded on a scale of 0% to 100%.  A perfect score is almost impossible on a modern business website.  

A score of 90% or better will CRUSH your competition in speed indexing.

Take a look for yourself:


Ramp Up Design's Homepage Scores a 90% on Google

How Does the Competition Stack Up?

Our competitors all build their homepages using their own website builders.  How do they stack up on Google Speed Indexing?

Here are the three most popular web builders in the country:


Overall Score...29%

Overall Score...6%

Overall Score...7%

The other guys site builders aren't even in the same league.

If they weren't nationally known brands... they wouldn't rank on Google at all.

Ramp Up Design's Mobile First Website Builder is Different

Our easy website builder creates your site MOBILE FIRST.

The difference is clear.  Your website will load faster out of the box than any of the other major site builders.